Mount Tyrwhitt

Location: Kananaskis
Distance: 9.5KM
Elevation: 2871 m (9419 ft)
Elevation Gain: 671 m (2201 ft)
Approx Round Trip: 5-7 Hours

Overall Difficulty: Moderate
Technical Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Highlights
– Scrambling required near the end of the hike getting to the arch
– Most of the elevation gain happens near the summit
– Natural Rock Arch near the summit

This could be a quick hike if done in the summer. Spring and or Fall has a possibility of there still being snow as its tough for the snow to melt on the side facing North which you need to get up. The first half of the trail has a gradual elevation gain to it, but right before you hit grizzly col. the elevation gain starts to happen. To get to the arch and summit requires a steep scramble

GPS Tracking

Hikes Completed at Mount Tyrwhitt
2011-09-03 Mount Tyrwhitt
2015-10-04 – Mt Tyrwhitt