Mount Baldy

Location: Kananaskis
Distance:6.26 KM for Full Loop
Elevation: 2195 m (6282 ft)
Elevation Gain: 889m (2917 ft)
Approx Round Trip: 5-6 Hours

Overall Difficulty: Easy
Technical Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Highlights
– There is a small 10 foot downclimb to get to the North Peak.
– Another short downclimb to get from North Peak to the East Peak.
– A relatively short hike but there is no warm up period as the trail starts at a constant steep elevation.
– Some exposed areas near the summit

Quick and somewhat easy hike if you’re not afraid of heights and some short climbing. There are 3 peaks that can be completed. Currently only North and East Peaks have been completed. Entire loop does not take very long either so this is an good hike if you need something quick.

GPS Track

Hikes Completed at Mount Baldy
2011-10-08 Baldy Pass
2012-07-28 Mount Baldy (North Peak)
2013-06-08 – Mount Baldy Circuit
2016-03-19 – Mount Baldy (North Peak)