McGillivray Creek

Location: Kananaskis
Distance: 5.89 KM
Elevation: 1512 m (4960 ft)
Elevation Gain: 316 m (1036 ft)
Approx Round Trip: 3-4 Hours

Overall Difficulty: Moderate
Technical Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Highlights
– Obstacles involving climbing up ladders or chains
– Scale up a 10 foot canyon wall with a chain (can be avoided)
– Summer time will require getting your legs wet
– Winter time, water will be frozen but trail will be icy with lots of hidden rocks under the snow

One of the best canyon hikes in the Kananaskis area and not too many people know about this. There are multiple obstacles throughout the canyon. Some require climbing up wooden ladders, or just logs. Some require scaling a 10 foot canyon wall with just a chain. This canyon has changed since the flooding so parts of the canyon has been jammed out from debris.

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Hikes Completed at McGillivray
2011-08-01 – McGillivray Creek
2012-01-28 – McGillivray Creek
2013-04-27 – McGillivray Creek
2016-01-02 – McGillivray Creek
2016-01-23 – McGillivray Creek
2016-02-13 – McGillivray Creek