Lady MacDonald

Location: Canmore
Distance: 15.16 KM
Elevation: 2598 m (6816 ft)
Elevation Gain: 1154 m (4109 ft)
Approx Round Trip: 7 Hour

Overall Difficulty: Easy – Tea House / Hard After Tea House
Technical Difficulty: Easy – Tea House / Hard After Tea House
Endurance Difficulty: Medium

Trail Highlights
– Great views once you reach the unfinished tea house
– Path to the summit becomes steep
– Razor sharp ridge becomes exciting

A rather easy hike to reach the tea house. Once you reach the tea house, it becomes barren with no trees. Best part of the hike is really after the tea house to get to the false summit, and then a careful walk across the ridge line to the true summit.

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2016-07-23 – Lady MacDonald