Ice Cave

Location: Bragg Creek
Distance: 7 KM
Elevation: — m (– ft)
Elevation Gain: — m (– ft)
Approx Round Trip: 5 Hour

Overall Difficulty: Easy
Technical Difficulty: Easy
Endurance Difficulty: Easy

Trail Highlights
– Very boring walk through a dirt road to the cave
– Getting to the cave requires some elevation gain, but there’s a easy trail to the cave
– Cave itself has a few caverns.

You have to park quite far away as they are trying to discourage the amount of people entering the ice cave. It’s at least an hour and a bit walk to the cave and then a smalls scramble up. Once in the cave, you can get to a few caverns by crawling through cracks inside the cave. Make sure you bring a headlamp

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Hikes Completed at Ice Cave
2013-01-19 – Ice Cave
2013-03-09 – Ice Cave
2015-10-31 – Ice Cave