Heart Mountain

Location: Kananaskis
Distance:15.83 KM
Elevation: 2169 m (7116 ft)
Elevation Gain: 1163 m (3815 ft)
Approx Round Trip: 6-7 Hour

Overall Difficulty: Moderate
Technical Difficulty: Easy
Endurance Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Highlights
– Heart Mountain itself is a pretty quick hike, with scrambling involved.
– 2 sections that requires climbing but only 6-8 feet
– Ridge walking to Grant MacEwan Peak is rather easy
– Coming down from the the last peak is exposed and rocky
– Pretty lengthy hike

A somewhat longer hike if you do the full loop around. Still generally easy as there’s not too much technical abilities involved. There is quite a few exposed portions and scrambling sections where there are no defined trails upwards.

GPS Track

Hikes Completed at Heart Mountain
2012-04-21 – Heart Mountain Circuit
2014-06-21 – Heart Mountain Circuit
2015-09-19 – Heart Mountain Circuit