Grizzly Peak

Location: Kananaskis
Total distance: 6.45 km (4.0 mi)
Max elevation: 2517 m (8259 ft)
Min elevation: 1642 m (5386 ft)
Elevation gain: 896 m (2940 ft)
Average time: 5-6 Hours

Overall Difficulty: Moderate
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Endurance Difficulty: Easy

Trail Highlights
– Small scree coming down from summit
– Cliffs at the summit
– Large area of all grass near the summit

The first half of the hike is pretty easy, with some elevation gains and flat sections, which brings you to to the backside of the mountain

GPS Track

Hikes Completed at Grizzly Peak
2015-10-10 – Grizzly Peak
2016-10-16 – Grizzly Peak