Eiffel Peak

Location: Lake Louise
Distance: 14 KM
Elevation: 3077 m (10095 ft)
Elevation Gain: 2041 m (6698 ft)
Approx Round Trip: 7-9 Hours

Overall Difficulty: Moderate
Technical Difficulty: Moderate
Endurance Difficulty: High

Trail Highlights
– Summit is over 10,000 Feet
– Trail starts at Moraine Lake and through the Larches
– Great time to do this hike is in the fall where the trees are changing color
– Eiffel Peak itself is just an exposed scamble, getting steeper near the summit
– Great hike to do in the fall as sentinal pass can get very busy so Eiffel peak is not as busy

Definitely a recommended hike during September. You get a great view of Mount Temple, the entire valley of the ten peaks and all the larch trees that are changing color. Hike itself is long, and you will need 4 people due to restrictions.

GPS Track

Hikes Completed at Eiffel Peak
2012-09-22 – Eiffel Peak