2013-09-03 – Zion: The Narrows

2013-09-03 – Zion: The Narrows

Event: Zion National Park
: The Narrows

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I hate water and getting wet, but this one was fun. It’s always fun walking through a canyon, but when there’s  a chance of flash flooding, it’s even more fun. Perfect timing to do this hike as this was probably one of the hottest days and we were down below in a canyon with walls over 2000 ft high and only 20 m wide at some points.

The destination was to get to the springs at the end but trying to get through the fast and deep running water was slow. There was a flood that went by just a few weeks prior so the water was muddy.

Sadly, I didn’t bring my DSLR, nor set the GPS on my phone for this one. I half expected to fall into the water at some point, but that never happened.


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