2013-09-02 – Zion: Hidden Canyon

2013-09-02 – Zion: Hidden Canyon

Event: Zion National Park
: Hidden Canyon

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This trail started the same spot where Observation point starts. After the first few minutes of observation point, a sign points you off into the “Hidden Canyon”. GPS went all wonky…because it’s a canyon…surprise! What’s worse is I left the GPS on after we came back so it recorded the bus ride back to the parking lot.

In the hidden canyon, there was a nice sign telling everyone to turn back due to endangered wildlife. Being the nature gurus we are, we naturally ignored the sign and trotted through.

One of the best things about this trail was the first part where they carved a trail through the side of the canyon wall. One step off and you would fall to your doom.

Eventually you get to a natural self-standing arch. It’s not that big really, but its a fancy¬†structure.

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